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Facts on Compeer

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Compeer has changed its national focus from the negative facts of mental illness to the positive impact of the Compeer programs. The following are excerpts from a published "White Paper."

At any given time between 30 and 45 million Americans are suffering from some sort of mental illness that requires professional treatment.

The ranks of Compeer volunteers have expanded dramatically.  Today more than 100 Compeer chapters provide over 3,600 volunteers who donate more than 229,000 hours of service.  When you compare the numbers it is amazing how much you can save with a good friendship.  Compeer friendships reduce the use of more traditional, and costly, health care programs.  The prevalence of hospitalization drops markedly and compliance with medication and treatment plans soars.

Mental health professionals report that since being matched with a Compeer volunteer, 70 to 90 percent of clients have made major improvements in family and social relationships and feel decreased isolation.

More than 93% of consumers, volunteers and professionals are satisfied with the Compeer friendship and the Compeer program.

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