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Stigma Attached to Mental Illness

  • One out of five Americans will experience a mental disorder during their lifetime.
  • With proper treatment, most people with a mental illness recover quickly, and the majority do not need hospital care, or have only brief admissions.

Stigma is detrimental to the well-being of people with mental illness:

  • It affects their ability to obtain services.
  • The type of treatment and support may be limited by health insurance guidelines, which can be more restrictive for mental health conditions than physical conditions.
  • Impedes their acceptance in the community.
  • Rejection of people with mental illness inevitably spills over to the caregiver and family members.


  • Exist regarding various groups of people.
  • Your participation in the Compeer Program will provide you with the opportunity to challenge stereotypes associated with the issues of mental illness.
  • Individuals with mental illness are aware of the stereotypes and prejudice concerning mental illness.  Sadly, some individuals of mental illness my believe the stereotypes.  As a mentor, don't buy into the negativity and prejudice of stereotypes even if your Compeer does.
  • By sharing with others your own experiences with someone diagnosed with a mental illness, while maintaining the client's confidentiality, you will begin to dispel stereotypes and reduce the fears people have regarding mental illness.


Compeer, Inc. Volunteer Training Manual for Youth Programs
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