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Volunteer Options

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Depending on your schedule, Compeer provides several choices for volunteering or mentoring. 

  • One to One Matches - The volunteer/mentor chooses an adult friend or youth of the same gender according to mutual preference and interests.  The match meets approximately four hours a month and participates in activities they both enjoy doing such as eating out, shopping, movies, playing cards, sporting events, etc. 
  • Compeer Calling - The volunteer chooses a friend on the waiting list and agrees to make a friendly 15 minute phone call each week.  This program is intended to provide interim support.  The phone calls also reduce social isolation and loneliness and provide an opportunity to improve telephone and social skills while preparing the individual for a one-to-one match. 
  • Friends for A Day - The "Friends For A Day" Program provides a short-term volunteer opportunity at group activities for our clients...a trip to the zoo, museum, sporting event, or a tour.  Compeer needs new volunteers for a one-time commitment of just a few hours to accompany youth and adults to these events.  Volunteers will have abbreviated training and be matched for the event, with Compeer providing full on-site support. 
  • Compeer Advisory Board - If you are interested in the Compeer Program, but unable to commit to a friendship at this time, the Advisory Board may be just right for you.  We are always looking for candidates with fresh ideas and advice to support and help with the program.  The Advisory Board has regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  If you are interested in joining, please contact the Compeer office at (716) 487-2956. 
  • Compeer Advisory Board Committees - Periodically, committees meet to work on specific projects such as: recruitment, client enrichment, and fundraising.  If you have the interest and can bring your life skills and experience to any of these committees, please call (716) 487-2956.

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