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All individuals matched with Compeer volunteers are referred by their mental health treatment provider.  Therapists consider the Compeer relationship as an adjunct to therapy. 

Therapist Responsibilities

  • Screen individuals for appropriateness for referral to the Compeer Program.
  • Obtain a release of information.
  • Be available for a meeting  to provide information to the volunteer prior to the match. 
  • For a youth match, a meeting between the volunteer, the therapist, and the parents should take place before the volunteer meets the youth.  
  • Open communication between the therapist and Compeer participants is advised. 
  • Complete a program evaluation survey annually.
  • If there are any questions concerning procedures or specific issues, please contact the Compeer Director at (716) 487-2956.
Compeer programs build their client referrals from a variety of sources including Community Mental Health Centers, private therapists, psychiatric hospitals and transitional living centers. Referring therapists can be psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, or mental health care workers.


Compeer Operations Manual 1/97
Reprinted with permission from Compeer, Inc., Rochester, New York


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